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December 2021

Family Mediation

Family mediation is extensively used by married couples and those in a civil partnership who want to find an amicable and less expensive way to separate and divorce.

Family Mediation London is open to all couples including same sex couples and people who are living together.

Family Mediation London also offers mediation to people who feel they may benefit from time with helpful, impartial specialists to resolve family difficulties or conflicts. This could be at any stage in life and could include adult children, grandparents and extended family members.

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Family Court Requirements

The official policy of the Family Court is that it "expects you to find out about mediation and other forms of dispute resolution, before you ask the Court for an order".

They state that "If you are thinking about asking for a court order concerning a child, divorce or separation or family finances, the Family Courts expect that you will think carefully and consider all other options first. Experience suggests that court-imposed orders work less well than agreements made between you. You are more likely to be satisfied with the outcome and uphold decisions made jointly. In addition, children do better when their parents and relatives cooperate with each other.

Download (pdf):
The Family Court Guide to family applications and Mediation Information and Assessment Meetings.

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Ministry of Justice Family Justice Review

November 2011 saw the release by the Ministry of Justice of the final report of their Family Justice Review.

The report was commissioned in response to increasing strains upon the family justice system, with rising case volumes and lengthening case durations, and recognition that long and complicated legal processes are emotionally and financially draining for parents and distressing for children. Fathers and grandparents have also frequently reported not feeling well served by the conventional system.

Download (pdf): Family Justice Review Final Report

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For more information, please see the Ministry of Justice website