Parenting Plans

Our service offers support with Parenting Plans. When people are going through or have completed a separation or divorce life can be challenging particularly if there are children involved.

You may have had to move house, adjust your budget and maybe even find a new job as a result of the relationship breakdown. For children of whatever age this can be upsetting and confusing. At times they can feel responsible for the situation. 

However difficult your situation is and whatever you may be feeling and thinking it is important that you put the needs of your children to the forefront of your mind. Giving them attention and addressing their lives both now and in the future can help you all move on with stability.

When one parent moves away from the family home a child may feel a great sense of loss. Trying to cope with the hurt and confusion can lead to a variety of behaviour changes. Extended family members and close friends may also become involved leading to further confusion. At Family Mediation London we will work with you together so that co-operation and communication is the model which you show your children.

Research shows that a Parenting Plan is normally in the child’s best interests if:

  • Children are raised by both parents, whether or not they live together (as long as it’s within a safe environment).

  • Each parent supports their children to enjoy a positive relationship with the other parent.

  • Children are clear about the arrangements for spending time with each parent.

  • Children should not be exposed to sudden changes in arrangements unless it is unavoidable.

  • Children should not be exposed to continuing conflict.

  • Parents support children to keep in touch with important people in their lives, such as wider family members and close family friends.

  • New partners support the arrangements and have a good relationship with your child. They can really help to make things work without replacing you as a parent.

(Source: Putting Your Children First – a guide for separating parents, Department for Education and Skills). 

No two families are the same thus every parenting plan will be different.

We will support you through what can often feel like a difficult and emotional process to arrive at what is in the best interests of your children.

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