Divorce and Separation - Couples Mediation

There are many stages in a relationship, when Family Mediation can prove helpful.

Before marrying or moving in together

You might choose to come to family mediation to help decide on a pre-nuptial agreement. Similarly, you might wish to construct an agreement before living together or buying a property together about finances or perhaps arrangements with your children from previous relationships.

If a relationship is in difficulties

Sometimes, even if a couple is having couples therapy to try to work things out together, couples may decide to separate in order to give each other space to see how they feel about each other and whether they want to stay together in the long-term.

Mediation is different from counselling in that it can help you to look at the practicalities of this decision, such as, whether there should be a finite length of time for this separation and if so, how long the separation might last, where will you both stay etc.

Clearly, where there is a chance the relationship might be salvaged or recovered communication between you is of the utmost importance and our mediators will work to ensure that constructive and honest communication is encouraged during this time.

If you have decided to divorce or permanently separate

At what is often a very painful time, Family Mediation aims to help you to work together collaboratively to make the decisions you need to as efficiently and effectively as possible, ensuring that both people have the best possible chance to express what they need.

The main areas which are often brought to family mediation are usually concerning arrangements for the children and financial agreements.

However, couples at this time will also often need to look at how they manage the initial separation. They might need to establish interim living arrangements which might affect finances and arrangements for each to spend time with the children, in the short – term. Mediation can also help you to consider how you will have contact with each other to discuss arrangements and changes in circumstance. You may wish to discuss the influence or contact arrangements of extended family members and how these can best be resolved if there is conflict.

As a separation or divorce progresses and permanent arrangements are set out, family mediation will help you to try to resolve these fairly. If you have children, you might decide to use Family Mediation to help you in continuing to work together, where necessary, as parents, who, even though you are no longer a couple, who both have their children’s best interests at heart.

Following a separation or divorce

If arrangements have not worked out well over time, it might be beneficial for ex-partners to come to Family Mediation to see if issues can be resolved calmly and without acrimony.

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